The candidates applying for admission to the courses offered by UNIGIS@Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA) have to submit stipulated admission documents.

The set of stipulated admission documents can be obtained by sending and e-mail to

Presently, UNIGIS@Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA) admits students to both the courses Twice a year. However, enquiries are welcome any time and information is provided throughout the year.

The details of next admissions are given in the Admission Schedule.

  • The eligibility condition is minimum 45% marks in the required entry qualification
  • Seats are limited and the general admission policy will be ‘first come-first serve’
  • However, the UNIGIS Board reserves the rights:
    • to refuse admission if the documents and information provided by the candidate are not appropriate and satisfactory
    • to make changes in the above schedule and inform those who are in communication at the time that the changes were implemented
    • to relax the eligibility conditions if there are appropriate grounds for giving deprivation points OR take into consideration other qualifications, etc.
    • to increase or decrease the number of seats in each study programme